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Experience Bliss: 3 Impeccably Designed Rooms at Stay in Kojonup

Know the feeling of being stumped trying to find the perfect rural escape? You’re not alone, mate. After a good old-fashioned Aussie adventure across our wide landscapes, we found our little slice of tranquillity in Cornwall House Accommodation nestled in Kojonup, WA.

This peaceful gem offers 3 top-notch rooms, each filled with impeccable design and comfort that’ll make you feel right at home. We’re about to take you on a tour through these stunning spaces and introduce you to the charming local spots around town.

Prepared for a dose of pure bliss?

Key Takeaways

  • Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA offers 3 impeccably designed rooms with a blend of country charm and modern comfort.
  • Guests can choose from a Queen Room, Twin Room, or a Special Access room to cater to their specific needs.
  • The accommodation is located in the charming town of Kojonup and offers easy access to nearby attractions such as the Kodja Place and Kojonup Nature Park.
  • Each room is well-appointed with amenities like air conditioning, flat-screen TVs, free Wi-Fi, and tea/coffee making facilities.

Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA

Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA offers a distinctively charming country experience with 3 impeccably designed rooms to enjoy.

Overview of Cornwall House Accommodation

Cornwall House sits in the heart of Kojonup. This place has ten rooms, each one made with care. We have worked hard to keep a country-style charm for you to enjoy. You will find it comfortable and peaceful here.

It’s great for your stay in this part of town!

Distinctive country charm

When you stay at Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA, you’ll experience the distinctive country charm that sets this place apart. The motel is located in the charming town of Kojonup, just southeast of Perth.

With its country style charm and tranquil environment, it’s the perfect rural getaway for travellers seeking a relaxing atmosphere. The beautifully designed spaces and impeccable decor add to the overall appeal of this accommodation.

Each room is uniquely designed with stylish interiors and well-appointed furnishings, creating a serene atmosphere that will make your stay truly blissful. Whether you’re travelling for business or pleasure, Cornwall House offers comfortable amenities and luxury accommodations that will exceed your expectations.

3 impeccably designed rooms

We are delighted to present our 3 impeccably designed rooms at Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA. Each room has been thoughtfully curated with a blend of country charm and modern comfort.

Whether you choose our Queen Room or Twin Room, you will be greeted with beautifully furnished spaces that exude tranquillity. From unique design elements to stylish interiors, every detail has been carefully considered to provide a serene atmosphere for your stay.

Our luxury accommodations boast impeccable decor and comfortable amenities, ensuring a blissful experience during your rural getaway at Stay in Kojonup.

Room Options

Choose from three different room options at Cornwall House Accommodation. Whether you prefer a queen-sized bed, twin beds, or require special access accommodations, we have the perfect room for your stay.

Room Options

Queen Room with 1 Queen Bed (max 2 guests)

Our Queen Room is perfect for couples or solo travellers looking for a comfortable and relaxing stay in Kojonup.

With its country-style charm and impeccable design, this room offers a tranquil atmosphere that will make you feel right at home.

The queen-sized bed provides a cosy place to rest after a long day of exploring the charming town and nearby attractions. The room is well-appointed with stylish interiors and beautifully furnished spaces, creating a serene environment for your stay.

Amenities such as air conditioning, TV, free Wi-Fi, and tea/coffee making facilities are also available to ensure your comfort during your stay at Cornwall House Accommodation. Book your blissful experience now!

Twin Room with 2 King Single Beds (max 2 guests)

Our Twin Room with 2 King Single Beds is the perfect choice for travellers seeking comfort and functionality. With a maximum occupancy of 2 guests, this room provides ample space to relax and unwind after a long day of exploring Kojonup.

The beds are designed to ensure a restful sleep, and the stylish interiors create a serene atmosphere. You’ll find all the necessary amenities in this well-appointed lodging, including air conditioning, a flat-screen TV, and free Wi-Fi.

Whether you’re travelling with a friend or family member, our Twin Room offers everything you need for a comfortable stay in Kojonup.

Special Access room

Our Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup offers a Special Access room that is designed to cater to the needs of guests with special accessibility requirements. This room provides easy access for wheelchair users or those with mobility challenges, ensuring a comfortable and convenient stay.

The Special Access room is thoughtfully equipped with features such as wider doorways, grab bars in essential areas, lower fixtures, and an accessible bathroom with roll-in shower facilities.

We understand the importance of inclusivity and have created this room to ensure that all our guests can enjoy their time at Cornwall House Accommodation without any limitations.

Property and Room Facilities

Cornwall House Accommodation offers a range of amenities and features for guests to enjoy during their stay, including complimentary Wi-Fi, air conditioning, flat-screen TVs with cable channels, and tea/coffee making facilities in each room.

Amenities and features of Cornwall House Accommodation

At Cornwall House Accommodation, we provide a range of amenities and features to make your stay comfortable and enjoyable. Our beautifully designed rooms are furnished with stylish interiors, creating an impeccable decor that exudes a serene atmosphere.

Each room is well-appointed with comfortable amenities, ensuring you have everything you need for a relaxing stay. Whether it’s our queen rooms with one queen bed or our twin rooms with two king single beds, you’ll find the perfect accommodation option for your needs.

Our special access room is also available for guests requiring additional accessibility. Come and experience the blissful tranquillity of Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, where luxury accommodations meet country charm.

Attractions in Kojonup, WA

Discover the beauty of Kojonup, WA with its charming town atmosphere and nearby attractions that will leave you wanting more. From picturesque nature walks to exploring historical landmarks, there is something for

everyone to enjoy.

Highlighting nearby attractions and activities

There are plenty of nearby attractions and activities to enjoy during your stay in Kojonup. Explore the beautiful surroundings and take a stroll through the charming town, soaking up its country charm.

Attractions in Kojonup, WA

Visit the famous Kodja Place to learn about the local history and heritage, or head to Kojonup Nature Park for a relaxing walk surrounded by nature. If you’re feeling adventurous, you can also go hiking or fishing in one of the nearby national parks.

And don’t forget to indulge in some delicious local cuisine at one of the quaint cafes or restaurants in town.

In conclusion, our Cornwall House Accommodation in Kojonup, WA offers a rural getaway with 3 beautifully designed rooms for a blissful stay. From the country charm to the impeccable decor, each room provides a comfortable and stylish retreat.

Unwind in Kojonup – Reserve Your Room Now

Whether you’re exploring nearby attractions or simply enjoying the tranquil settings, our accommodations promise a relaxing and memorable experience. Book your stay at Cornwall House today and immerse yourself in the serenity of Kojonup.

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Welcome to Cornwall House Accommodation, a recently established 10-room motel that exudes a charming countryside ambiance right in the heart of Kojonup, Western Australia. Nestled in the picturesque Great Southern Region, we are situated just 250 kilometres southeast of Perth, making us an ideal destination for travellers seeking a tranquil getaway.

Conveniently positioned on the bustling Albany Highway, Cornwall House Accommodation beckons you with its promise of comfortable, spotless, and well-appointed lodgings, coupled with attentive, professional service and the warm embrace of country hospitality. Each of our rooms boasts the modern convenience of reverse cycle air-conditioning, coffee and tea making facilities, and complimentary Wi-Fi, all designed to ensure your stay is not only pleasant but also guarantees a restful night’s sleep.